Coughing —
as a symptom

First there is a dry, irritating cough, and then the cough gets productive with the secretion of mucus - but no matter which cough, it is always annoying and unpleasant.

Cough is a typical symptom of a common cold, and can be especially disturbing during the night. Coughing should not be suffered in silence - it should be properly treated!

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Bronchostop Products

Many types of cough —
one solution

Bronchomed products are fast-acting medical devices that relieve all types of cough (dry cough and chesty cough) associated with a cold.

Contains: Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) dry extract, honey.

The valuable main ingredients of marshmallow and honey act like a balm, covering and thereby soothing the inflamed pharyngeal mucosa. The mucilage forms a physical protective coating against foreign particles thus relieving dry, irritating cough and allowing the mucosa to recover.
Alcohol-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, no artificial colouring, GMO-free.


  • for children from 1 year* in syrup
  • for adults and children above 6 years in pastilles

* Medical consultation is recommended for children aged 1-3 years.


About Cough

Typical causes of cough

There are two types of airway infections that may accompany a common cold:

Upper respiratory tract infections
e.g. Rhinitis or sinusitis

Lower respiratory tract infections
e.g. Bronchitis

In these cases coughing often is a symptom of acute infection of the upper and/or lower airways, for instance, accompanying a common cold. These infections are caused by viruses and usually last just a few days, possibly up to two weeks.

Stages of cough

Generally speaking coughs can be divided into two categories: dry cough and productive cough. It is not always easy to distinguish a dry cough from a productive cough and it even becomes more difficult during the overlapping periods.

stages of cough graphic

Dry cough is tickling and irritating, due to an irritation of the throat caused by foreign particles, dust or a throat infection. In this kind of cough no mucus or phlegm is produced. Dry cough is usually treated with antitussives.

Productive (Chesty) cough is characterized by the formation of mucus or phlegm in the lungs. The cough reflex is a mechanism to expel all phlegm in order to clear the lungs. Chesty cough is usually treated with expectorants.

Start treatment early

An early treatment is important because otherwise the infection could progress into a more severe form of disease (e.g. bronchitis). Bacteria often take advantage of the immune system being weakened by the viral infection. This may lead to an additional bacterial infection (the so called secondary bacterial infection). One sign which may help to differentiate between bacterial and viral infections is the color of the secreted mucus:

In viral infections the sputum often is mucus-like and whitish. The "common cold" is usually caused by an acute viral infection. Typical symptoms of a common cold are cough, „the snuffles“, sore throat, sometimes muscle pain, headache and elevated temperature or fever.

In bacterial infections the sputum tends to be tinged yellowish-green.

If the symptoms persist for more than 1 week in the latter case, you should see a doctor without delay, since treatment with antibiotics might be necessary.

Bronchostop Pastilles

Bronchomed Pastilles is a medical device
according to the Directive 93/42/EEC.

Manufactured with care in Austria,
using purely herbal active ingredients.


Bronchomed® pastilles is the convenient formulation “on-the-go”

At work, while doing sport or simply during a café with your friends, Bronchomed Pastilles accompanies you everywhere with its easy-to-take format. Thanks to its unique formula, Bronchomed® Pastilles reliably and quickly relieves any cough associated with cold, for both dry and chesty cough.

  • For any cough associated with a cold.
  • Soothes, relieves and protects.
  • With Marshmallow root extract and natural honey.
  • Easy to take with you - convenient format.
  • For children from 6 year of age.
  • Quick relief, reliably and very well tolerated.
  • Without artificial colouring.
  • Calms, soothes and protects.
  • Orange flavor.
  • Lactose free, gluten free & free of genetically modified organisms.
  • Available in your pharmacy and specialized stores.

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Children's Cough

When a child has a cough, It’s a concern for the whole family

children coughing

Parents naturally worry when their small child has a cough in case it could be the sign of something serious.

It can also cause disruption to sleep, as well as the daily routine, for the whole family.

84% of under 11s had a cough in the past year1

Children can have 8+ colds a year due to their immature immune system being vulnerable to viruses2

The ISSUES parents struggle with when their child has a cough1*


experienced REDUCED SLEEP for their child


experienced REDUCED SLEEP for them/their partner


the children had TIME-OFF SCHOOL/NURSERY


experienced COUGH SPREADING to other family members

While the most common issue relating to children’s coughs is reduced sleep for the child,1* the effect of children’s cough can cause disruption to many areas of family life.

* Bronchostop Junior Launch Insights gathered from online interviews, involving 402 parents across the UK, conducted in May 2018 by DRG, with participants sourced from Panelbase (DRG’s in-house panel)

Childrens’ cough and self-care

While it’s totally understandable that parents worry and may think they should go straight to their doctor, in the majority of cases children have a common cold that will run its own course. They simply need something to soothe the cough reflex so that everyone can get some relief.


The cough is worse at night or brought on by running about - it could be a sign of asthma.

The child’s temperature is very high, or they feel hot and shivery – they may have a chest infection.

The cough lasts longer than 3 weeks.

The child is finding it hard to breathe.

Different types of children’s cough and available treatments


A type of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) that can be DRY and/or CHESTY.

REFLEX ACTION A cough is a reflex action to clear the airways of mucus and any irritant.3

CHESTY COUGH Phlegm is produced to help clear the airways.3 It is also called ‘productive’.

DRY COUGH Ticky and doesn’t produce any phlegm (thick mucus).3 Also called ‘non-productive’.


Flu4 Dry
Bronchitis5 Hacking cough and there may be mucus, shortness of breath; wheezing
Croup3 Barking cough + harsh sound when child inhales
Whooping Cough3 Hacking + whooping cough sound when child inhales
Pneumonia6 Dry/productive (there may be blood in mucus); difficulty
Asthma3 Cough is accompanied by wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath
Reflux7 A recurrent dry cough

What to Advise
Refer to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment if the cough is severe.5, 8-10

Introducing Bronchomed® Junior


BRONCHOMED® JUNIOR soothes the cough reflex in stages of both DRY and productive CHESTY cough by covering the cough receptors with a protective layer of marshmallow extract and honey.

Traditionally, productive and non-productive coughs have been managed differently, but the ingredients in BRONCHOMED® JUNIOR work in synergy to relieve both dry and chesty coughs.

Bronchostop Junior

Bronchomed Junior is a medical device
according to the Directive 93/42/EEC.


Marshmallow dry extract and natural honey

  • For any cough associated with a cold.
  • Soothes, relieves and protects.
  • For children from 1 year of age.
  • Quick relief, reliably and very well tolerated.
  • Without artificial colouring.
  • Alcohol free, lactose free, gluten free & free of genetically modified organisms.
  • Calms, soothes and protects.
  • Strawberry flavor.
  • Ideal for day and night time use.
  • Available in your pharmacy and specialized stores.

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Manufactured with care in Austria, using purely herbal active ingredients.

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